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Can you see a rhino on a safari in Tanzania ?

There are very few rhinos left in the world nowadays.

On a positive note there are many programs and organisations that fight for preserving them.

We try to contibute by spreading the message.Please watch out and don't buy products that consist rhino horn material.You can learn more about it and also get involved in the saving process by visiting

Rhinos can still be seen in Tanzania.

Best chances are in Ngoro Ngoro.

We weren't lucky though,in fact the rhino was the only animal we didn't get to see when we went on a safari in the mainland of Tanzania.

The safari included : Tarangire, Manyara and Sernegeti National Parks, we also visited Mount Kilimanjaro,Lake Victoria and Ngoro Ngoro Crater.

In Ngoro Ngoro we were told that there was a rhino near by and all drivers were talking on the radio phone about it trying to find out if it was possible to have a glance.At the end we were told that the rhino was sick at the moment and they were taking him to a special place for treatment.

This safari for us was a great experience.

We felt so close to the nature and all the animals were amazing!

The trip also inspired us to design and craft the Safari Collection coin jewelry.

I'm so glad we did,we got so much positive feedback and countless smiles!It turns out it is definitely something special to take home after a visit in Tanzania.

Spread rhino awareness !

Thank you for reading this Blog Post please share it on social media to spread awareness about the rhinos !

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