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We truly wish we had all the coins of the world available at all the time and all quantities,

but unfortunatelly we are dependant.

Availability of the coins changes with time depending on what goes out of stock and what uncut coins we add to our collection.

If the uncut coin it`s available,the design can be done.Please check with us!

If the desired coin is not available cut or uncut we will suggest other coins that you can choose from.

Or in case you have it,you can always ship it to us and we will ship it back done with the desired design.

Our Postal Address is available at the bottom of the FAQ page.

Coins do go out of stock,but designs never do.

We create and draw all our designs by hand and the possibilities are countless.

Some of our products might not listed on the website,

but be available at our shop or workshop in Stone Town,Zanzibar.

We will suggest uncut coins as well on which you can decide the way you want them to be cut.

So please never hesitate to ask us.

We love to comunicate with our customers for more personal experience on both sides and

higher level of customer satisfaction and happiness !




Limitations on coins

Our products limitations are based on the availablity of the coins,but you can always send us your own coins for cutting or ask us to look for a coin for you.Once it is available we will contact you.



Designs are unlimited ammount.It is all based on ideas.

We can cut almost anything on a coin.

Share with us the occasion,a little bit about the person receiving the product

and we will suggest and give ideas.

You can also send us images of what you have on mind.

We have two types of cutting that we call positive and negative.

Positive - when we keep the design (text,image,etc.) and remove the background.

Negative - when we keep the background and cut the image as a hollow part.

For the positive all parts of the design have to touch each other,

be connected in a way and also touch the rim so that it can all stay together as one.

For negative design parts can be apart from each other.

If the design is too detailed we will recommend to skip some of the unimportant details or/and use a bigger coin.


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