June 24, 2017

The Coins Shop has been acknowledged with a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor!

Thank you all for the amazing feedbacks,support and reviews! 

This is for you with the promise that we will keep on doing what we do and keep on making you and those you care for happy with our work on all occasions!

Thank you!

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The Coins Shop team 

March 24, 2017

There are very few rhinos left in the world nowadays.

On a positive note there are many programs and organisations that fight for preserving them.

We try to contibute by spreading the message.Please watch out and don't buy products that consist rhino horn material.You can learn more about it and also get involved in the saving process by visiting www.savetherhino.org

Rhinos can still be seen in Tanzania.

Best chances are in Ngoro Ngoro.

We weren't lucky though,in fact the rhino was the only animal we didn't get to see when we went on a safari in the mainland of Tanzania.

The safari included : Tarangire, Manyara and Sernegeti National Parks, we also visited Mount Kilimanjaro,Lake Victoria and Ngoro Ngoro Crater.

In Ngoro Ngoro we were told that there was a rhino near by and all drivers were talking on the radio phone about it trying to find out if it was possible to have a glance.At the end we were told that the rhino was sick at the moment and they were taking him to a special place for treat...

January 1, 2016



As you may know The Coins Shop is based in Zanzibar Island.

A place with stunning beaches,corals,wild life,variety of sea creatures,

trees,birds,butterflies and smily faces.

Thinking over the way the waste is held over here though it makes me want to contribute as much as I can to preserving this beatiful nature.

Recycling the different types of metal that remains after a coin has been cut,

as small as those pieces are,I feel is a part of my duty.

With this art I`m hoping to inspire other people to think over this issue and hopefully start a compain educating people how important that actually is and what will happen in future if no action is taken.

Please contact me if you are interested to participate in this in any way that you might like to.


Those first coin pieces that I used have been sitting patiently for many months waiting to be reused.I usually design the custom work and other products that we make out of coins and I thought I should do something with those l...

January 1, 2016

Beard beads by The Coins Shop,

These are amongst the coolest and most unique of our coin creations!

These are amongst the coolest and most unique of our coin creations!

The coins he brought for us to craft these beads out of were Danish Krona- the 25 ore.

We hope to show you a photo of the person who received this gift and give you a little more detail about the story behind it all later on, but meanwhile check out some awesome style inspirations below! Vikings, hobbits, dwarfs, pirates, stylish women- here they all have one thing in common: They have a unique style and enjoy expressing it.

January 1, 2016

Ethihad Airways Logo cut on a coin by The Coins Shop





January 1, 2016

We met Paul Levant in our shop in Stone Town,Zanzibar.


Paul Levant is the executive director of Levantine public diplomacy.

The logo of Levantine is a windmill.So this is what he asked us to do for him.

We showed a few designs of windmills and this is the one he chose so we drew it on the coin,made sure he liked the drawing and then we cut it.

He wanted to have it on a Spanish coin.We had a few and we recommended this one,because it has a building on it so we could use and match the windows from that building as the windows of the windmill.

The coin we used here is 100 peseta coin.

These are the coins Spain used before the euro coins.


You can read more about Paul Levant and Levantine below.


 The drawing we did before the cut


The cut coin pendant






Paul Rockower has over a decade of experience in the field of communications and public diplomacy, with a vast and varied career in both the academic and practitioner domains.Presently, Rockower works...

December 30, 2015

To The Coins Shop!

In September 2014 I visited Africa! As a nurse I was there to do voluntary work. After that I travelled around Africa, which is when I found The Coins Shop in Zanzibar. I really liked all the coins and designs, but what kind of coin would I buy?

I decided to wait. I could figure out which design it should be and get in contact later.
While I was working away in Africa, I had someone waiting for me back at home.
Just 3 months before I left I had met Bart. We met through Tinder, which is really popular these days.

After a few dates we were both sure; this is the one! When I came back we had a nice dinner at a restaurant and talked about our wish to travel together. That day we decided: let’s do it, lets’s go to Australia and New Zealand. On July 15th we sealed our love by buying a house and signing a registered partnership. Bart gave me a very nice bracelet. In the mean time I had plans for my own surprise too... a necklace for Bart, designed by me, made by The Coins Sho...

December 29, 2015


The Coins Shop on tour 2015 and how did the ring get into the desert...



Story coming soon !

November 21, 2015

Fid Q is a famous music artist from Tanzania.

He often performs at the annual festival of "Sauti za Busara" in Zanzibar. We have also present our work at the festival every year since 2010.

When we met he asked for a custom work. What he wanted was his name on a big coin.

We found an old silver dollar from the US that fit perfectly! We designed and cut the coin for him shortly before the shooting of his video

"Sihitaji marafiki", not knowing what he had planned. Check out how he featured his personalised cut coin in his video!

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