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There are several of ways to find exactly what you need here at   The Coins Shop  online store.

You can use the search button that appears in the upper right corner of your screen to type a word like:


You can browse Collections  where the coin jewellery and items are grouped by continent or type of product.If you still don`t see what you are looking for,don`t worry we might just have gotten it or are able to provide it! Ask for it here.

Coin availability varies with time and there are many designs that are made to order,so feel free to Contact Us.

You can ask for a special and unique design that will match your interests by ordering a Custom Work.



Chooing the right present has never been easier!

Either a gift for someone else or for yourself we can always make it a perfect match.

If you are to choose from our ready made products you can look for a coin that comes from the favourite country of the person:

country of orygin,country that one was born in,country that you have visited together,country that you`ve met in,country that one wants to visit,country that one lives in,a country that one feels connected to in one or another way.

This will mean a lot to them and they will never want to loose it.

Another thing that you can think of is the things they like or identify themselves with:

hobby,sport that they love,profession,animals or any other interests that mean something to them.

For example lion-it is a symbol of power and all men and strong ladies-spiritually or phisically tend to like lions.

Year of birth,anniversary or other special event can also be designed and cut on a coin of your choice.

Depending on coin availability we can also use a coin with that certain year and do a custom design on it or cut what was on the coin originall

Love and friendship designs are for you and those you love to wear something that will remind you of each other anythime you look at it.

We design these usually from one coin made into two pieces that complete each other when put together.It can be pendants,bracelet charms,even rings or a combination of these depending on what each one of you likes.

Also we do matching jewellery(pendants,bracelets,rings) from the same coin or with the same design on each one of them.

You can order anything that comes on your mind and we will assist you with it and make sure it looks aexactly how you want it to.



Use the add to cart button of each product and when you are done chooseing proceed to check out.



Add to cart and proceed to check out




We truly wish we had all the coins of the world available at all the time and all quantities,but unfortunatelly we are dependant.

Availability of the coins changes with time depending on what goes out of stock and what uncut coins we add to our collection.

If the uncut coin it`s available,the design can be done.Please check with us!

If the desired coin is not available cut or uncut we will suggest other coins that you can choose from.

Or in case you have it,you can always ship it to us and we will ship it back done with the desired design.

Our Postal Address is available at the bottom of the Contact/FAQ page.

Coins do go out of stock,but designs never do.We create and draw all our designs by hand and the possibilities are countless

Some of our products might not listed on the website,but be available at our shop in Stone Town,Zanzibar.

So please never hesitate to ask us.


We create and draw all our designs by hand and the possibilities are countless.

We love doing custom work and will love to assist you with creating the perfect design for you.

Idea : google images ofwhat you like and add stensil or outline to the word that you are googling.

There are three ways of cutting the image :

    1.  Possitive - when we keep the image or writing as a solid part (atached to the rim) and cut out the background.

    2. Negative - when we keep the background (and the rim of the coin) and cut out the design (image or writing) so that it appears as a shaped hollow part in the coin.

    3. In two pieces - two pieces from once coin.This is how we usually cut the Africa map design.

We can also do this with almost any image as long as it is solid enough to stand on its own.



Each necklace comes with a free handmade thread.

The defaul colour is black or the colour that you see on the photo.

Please leave a note on purchase if you have any other preferences.

We also have silver and stainless steel chains available on request.



All coins can be done as pendants,bracelets,earring,rings or puzzles.

You can request it by contacting us if you don`t see it as an option.

The availability of the product depends on the availability of the desired uncut coin.

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