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"The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will"


Creativity is our drug,it`s what makes us happy,it`s what keeps us going.
We love creating new designs and of course the custom work! The custom work is our favourite part!


Being able to put a smile on someone`s face knowing that you`ve created a special peace of art that
means so much to a person is a feeling we never want to miss.



Keeping a good communication with our customers and coworkers is one of our top goals.

Being able to connect with our customers gives us the opportunity to be a part of the story behind the coin,behind the scene.
Understanding customer`s needs is essential to us so we give it a good amount of time.
It helps us create the best match design for the occasion and person receiving the coin jewellery.
Please always feel free to contact us for whatever thoughts you want to share with us.

Keeping a good level of communication with our coworkers makes us able to understand them and keep a happy working environment,which is essential to our company,because what we are creating is a soul product and it needs to be made with love,joy and happiness so it can pass it through the next person who holds it.

We appreciate all the positive comments and reviews that you leave for us on Tripadvisor,
on our Etsy Store,our Facebook page,on Google Reviews,The Comment Book in our shop in Stone Town,

all the positive and encouraging words you tell us in emails,messages and in person.

Thank you !

Successful people build each other up.
We appreciate you helping us grow,spreading the word about us,

sharing on social media,talking about us with your family and friends,

sending us private emails and messages in case if something is not right,telling us what you think.
Givin g us advices and ideas.It truly helps us grow and become better.

We intent to compete with what we were yesterday and we do it each day with a new passion.

We are constantly expanding our online presence,coin collection and stuff as well.

We are selling worldwide and now have customers in over 64 countries.
As we aim to have coins from each and every country on the planet

we also aim to connect with people from all over the world.

We love to communicate and collaborate with other artists and public figures,bloggers,youtubbers,

writers,photographers etc. all of you.We love to promote what other creative individuals are doing.
We want to see you climb higher and higher and we will support you the best we can.
Just let us know about you.If you`d like to promote us too,start choosing your gift now!

Think about ideas,would you like to have your logo,name or something else that represents you on a coin?

We wish we could share all the stories,every exciting thing that is happening around us!
Let us know what you will prefer to see?
Would you like to see yourself featured in our Blog?
Let us know,we can make it happen.

Don`t miss out the giveaways we do on social media and through emails.
To never miss a giveaway follow us on social media and subscribe to our new settler.
Links are in the footer below.

Our big love for the nature inspired our upcycled art that we do with the leftovers of the coins.
Check that out on our Blog.

Spreading love through every item we make.


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