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Phamilly Solomon

Hi everyone,thank you for being here!
My name is Phamilly and I am the founder of The Coins Shop.I`ve been cutting coins for over 8 years now.I am in charge of all the details of your cut coin jewelry.And trust me a slip will not go unnoticed.My wife has very (and I mean VERY) sharp eyes :) I`ve been blessed with a great team and the best job I could ever enjoy doing.

Ramsey Hussein

My name is Ramsey.

I`ve always liked creating art with my own hands.

Cutting coins gives me so much joy !

Sissy Solomon

My name is Sissy and I am the wife and also work partner of the founder of The Coins Shop.

I will be here to assist you and answer all your questions,making sure all is well with your orders and requests.

I will design and draw your custom orders.

All the photography for of The Coins Shop products,models and workshop process is done by me.

I am the creator and manager of The Coins Shop website,Etsy Store and all its social media pages.

Links are in the footer.

Chapu Adams

Salesman at the local store in Stone Town,Zanzibar. Also makes the recycled wooden boxes for the puzzles and the free ropes that you receive with each coin pendant.

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