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the company

"The Coins Shop" is a craftsmen company based in the exotic island of Zanzibar,Tanzania.

It specialises in designing and cutting coins,creating unique jewellery.

Founded in 2013 the company is now selling worldwide and manages a website and an Etsy store along with a local shop in Stone Town,Zanzibar.There you can choose amongst over 400 ready made coin jewelry items and talk to the owners or the salesman and have a custom made design,special for you.

From The Cions Shop team:

Thank you for visiting our website !

We highly appreciate you being here,we are doing our best to keep you happy with our products through consistency,attention and care.

Our worldwide shipping as a registered mail with tracking number provides a secure delivery to all locations.

Your oder will reach you within one to two weeks depending on your location.

We provide a personal touch to each item by following up your ideas and needs according to the occasion and person receiving the coin jewellery.

making it an easy and pleasant way to pick a gift !

All our coins are designed and cut by hand with much love,care,patience and precision.

You can either choose from the listings we already have or send us a photo or description of the idea you`d like to have made into a coin jewellery.

We will design and draw your idea on the coin you like.

You will get to see the drawing on the coin itself before we proceed to the cutting and you will have the chance to ask us to change some details in case you feel that it will look better that way.

You can choose between: pendant,bracelet,earrings,key chain,ring and even a puzzle.

Tip : If you like elephants for example type "elephant outline" in a search engine and pick the image you like the most then send it to us ! 

The rest is our job :)

We ship wprldwide,all pendants come with a free handmade thread for necklace,packed in a small gift bag,ready to give.


Much love,

The Coins Shop team

the team

  • Phamilly Solomon

    Founder, Owner, Coin Cutter

    My name is Phamilly and I am the founder of The Coins Shop. I've been cutting coins for over 9 years now.And trust me a slip in the process will not go unnoticed. My wife has very sharp eyes :) The joke aside,I've been blessed with a great team !

  • Sissy Solomon

    Jewelry Designer,Owner, Photographer,Customer Service and Web Design

    I am Sissy and I will be here to design and draw for you,to reply to all your questions making sure everything is good. I do all the photography and web design. I am the creator and manager of The Coins Shop website and Etsy Store.

  • Chapu Adams

    Salesman at the local store in Stone Town,Zanzibar. Also makes the recycled wooden boxes for the puzzles and braids by hand all the ropes and bracelets that we add to the coin pendants.

the story

Somewhere above the sea,on top of the rocks,under the sound of the slamming waves,an artist felt inspired and fascinated by the amount of art,history and beauty that has been sealed forever on a coin.
His name was Phamilly,the island was called Mykonos,the year was 2008.
There was so much to be shown and so little to be seen on each coin that he held.
They were coins that he have kept from each place he had travelled to.
Coins that had so much history and little pieces of his own memories that he kept within them.He took a saw and patiently cut around each coin image that he found himself fascinated by.He could now see it all with just a single glance !
The coins turned into a framed piece of art,a jewellery that he had never worn before,and it meant so much to him.Now those memories were glorified.
He had a wife,she was impressed and overwhelmed.
She could see all his passion and beyond,she could see his talent.
Little did they know about how much is yet to come.

 The Coins Shop is now a constantly growing craftsmen company based in Zanzibar Island,East Africa.
After selling a descent amount of coin jewellery back in the days in Mykonos,along with their daily jobs, the Solomons later on moved to Zanzibar and represented their work at the biggest music festival in East Africa- Sauti za Busara.
Everyone was asking where their shop is ! 
When the festival was over they kept receiving new orders and meeting up customers for deliveries in various places around the island.
They now knew they had to find their own place.
A shop in Stone Town was open some time afterwords.
It was a place where everyone could come with their own ideas and stories to be put into a coin.A place where dreams were coming true,wedding rings,anniversary gifts,matching friendship necklaces and island memories were sealed.
A place where customer got to choose,a place where he or she was the main character !
The Coins Shop customers even got to choose the store name.
The owners wanted it that way,so they let it happen.
Everyone who picked up his phone in the store would at some point say
"I am at the coins shop"
So that was it - The Coins Shop !

And The Coins Shop is now open every day from 10 am to 6 pm
Products are also available in our online store with worldwide shipping.
We want to make it possible for everyone to easily become an owner or an honoured giver of one of our pieces.

Thank you for reading our story and visiting our page.
Don`t let your friends and family miss out on this, tell them about us.
We will highly appreciate that plus they might also like to get you something special !
Thanks again,we hope we made you smile :)


Our story also came out in the Swahili Coast Magazine May/June edition 2015

Here is the link of the online version of it :

what is so special about these coins ?


 Coins were used as jewelry since ancient times.  They were kept in treasury boxes and passed from generations to generations as a special memory from the loved ones. Some coins are much older than we are and will remain long after us.We can identify ourselves or a friend with a coin,it can also be a reminder to us for a special event or place connected with the year or origin of the coin.That is what makes them so special. You can easily choose a coin for someone knowing what they connect to and rest assured they will enjoy this special gift for a lifetime and beyond.


 This is the reason why The Coins Shop specializes in custom designs , its a way to express and identify yourself and connect with others.We strive to satisfy each customer and provide something really personal. Also we don't like to limit our abilities to the design of the coin but to provide unlimited possibilities to satisfy the customers` needs. My husbands patience and sturdy hands promise for the perfect cut and me- I`ll design, anything you wish to be cut, with precise outlining,drawing it on the coin before the cut and will make sure that you like the design before we proceed with the cutting. Together we love a challenge so please feel free to drop us a message about what you like or visit us in Stone Town,Zanzibar.






Book to stay with us and have a free workshop tour!






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