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Creating a jewelry piece is a slow process when done by hand,but it is our passion.

The feel is quite different when you know you are wearing a piece that has been created with much love and care

instead of a machinary production.

Here is a brief explanation about how we do it.

We hope you enjoy reading this article and if you would like to learn more or have any other questions

we`ll be glad to here from you.




First thing we do is choose the coins that we want to cut.

Depending on what orders we have and what`s needed in our Stone Town shop,website and Etsy store.

When we have new ideas we pick coins that fit well with the design



After the coin has been chosen we proceed to polishing.

If we need to show you a few coins to choose from we would polish them before that.

If it is an antique coin we only polish it on your request.

Some like the rustic look and all the history prints left on it.So we let you choose that too.


The designing process starts with confirming with the customer or making clear the idea which we have on mind for our new product.Then we draw the image,write the text or whatever the design includes by using a fine marker.

The designing is always done by hand and we try to be as precise as a human hand can get,

and of course you always have that feel of a handcraft touch.



After designing we proceed to the cutting process.

Time,patience,preciseness and care are much needed here.

The basic tool is a thin hand operated saw.

We also use two magnifying glasses to ensure detail preciseness and accuracy.


Now that the coin has been cut there a some rough edges that need attention.

We gently file all edges and holes for a smooth and pleasant to the touch finish.



Each coin can be done into several types of jewelry pieces:

necklace,bracelt,earrings,ring or even a puzzle.

We ads the loops,locks and additional supplies needed to create the jewelry piece.

For all our puzzles we provide handmade boxes.

We use recycled wood and glass pieces for the top so one can see the puzzle while it is in the box.

On the inside we use pieces of local "kitenge" material.

For all pendants we add a handmade thread to make it a necklace that one can wear straight away.

We also have silver and stainless steel chains available on request.

Soon to be added as an option on purchase.


All coin products are packed as gifts in a small bag.

We offer free gift service by adding a handmade card with message of your choice.

Let us know in advance in case you want us to do so.






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