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What do you use to cut your coins ?

We use a very tiny,hand-operated saw blade and a lot of patience :)


Is it a laser cut?

We don`t use laser in any of the stages of our work.

All the cutting is done by hand in our home workshop using a thin jewellery saw.

We choose to do a handcraft and enjoy making unique products instead of mass production.

This is our hobby,our passion.

I guess that is why we have never tried to use laser.

Not even sure if it can be set to follow each coin`s unique design.


What machine do you use for cutting?

Actually we don`t use any machine for cutting our coins.

It`s a hand operated saw.

It is very thin and it needs to move slowly up and down otherwise it breaks.


How do you do it?

We first polish and design each coin-we plan how it will be cut by drawing on it with an extra fine marker.

Then we start the cutting process using a very thin saw blade and two magnifying glasses for precision.

A small amount of coin dust is removed each time we move the saw up and down.

Steadyness and concentration is required.

Loosing control of the saw for a second can result in a waste of hours of work !

Once you`ve cut the wrong part there is no going back.

A small mistake can spoil the design and make the coin worthless.

So,no mistakes allowed for us !

After the cutting we file the edges gently for a smooth finish.

Then we add the loop and here you have an awesome pendant !



How long does it take to cut a coin?

Depending on the design that we are doing,how intricate it is,the thickness of the coin,the material as well,

it can take from an hour to even a week for the most intricate designs like arabic caligraphy for example.


How much does a personalised design costs ?

The cost depends on the design,how intricate it is,which coin we are using.

You can compare similar designs to what you`d like to have in Collections,

the cost will be simillar.

We charge only for the work,not for the coin,

unless we are providing a more valuable coin,then we would add the cost of it as well.


Do you provide the coin for a personalised design or do I?

It can work both ways.

We have a collection of different coins.

Feel free to contact us for inquires.Let us know what kind of coin you`d prefer

mentioning to us the details like:country of origin,size,colour,design on it,year,etc.

Then we will let you know what we have available.


You can send us your coin to be cut for you to our shipping address below.



Where do you get all your coins from?

We always collect coins when we travel,we also go to antique shops and buy some of them there.

A big amount of our coins comes from our visitors and customers,who have been so kind and generous to donate to us any foreign coins that they have with them.


Can anyone contribute coins to "The Coins Shop" ?

Yes,sure ! We would love that ! Thank you for your kindness !

We are interested in all coins from everywhere.

All kinds and amounts of coins,even one coin if you`d like.

For heavy parcels we will pay for the shipping.

You will receive a discount code for all our products !

This in not a business deal,but rather a friendly exchange.

We value and appreciate your contribution !

To send coins please use the shipping address below.


Do you buy coins ?

Yes,sure we buy coins.We would love to see what you have for sale!

If you`d like you can email us photos and prices.

We are open for your offers.

Feel free to contact us.


Note: We only buy wholesale.


   The Coins Shop

   P.O.Box 4071

   Stone Town




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