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As you may know The Coins Shop is based in Zanzibar Island.

A place with stunning beaches,corals,wild life,variety of sea creatures,

trees,birds,butterflies and smily faces.

Thinking over the way the waste is held over here though it makes me want to contribute as much as I can to preserving this beatiful nature.

Recycling the different types of metal that remains after a coin has been cut,

as small as those pieces are,I feel is a part of my duty.

With this art I`m hoping to inspire other people to think over this issue and hopefully start a compain educating people how important that actually is and what will happen in future if no action is taken.

Please contact me if you are interested to participate in this in any way that you might like to.

Those first coin pieces that I used have been sitting patiently for many months waiting to be reused.I usually design the custom work and other products that we make out of coins and I thought I should do something with those leftovers.

We love creating new things all the time and never get bored with what we do.

Creativity keeps us going.

A friend of mine was making art from recyceld bottle caps and old sail from the local fishermen`s boats,I thought something similar could work out and I got inpired to try and finally put those pieces together on a nice coloured board.

Here is is blog page of my friend that I mentioned above,worth cheking it out:

It turned out people were also excited as much as I was about my new art with the recycled coin leftovers.

The first one I did was the Africa Map on a piece of ply wood that was also a leftover of some other creation that happened in our workshop earlier.

I had a red spray p