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East Africa Protectorat

East Africa Protectorat


Design : One Pice Writing in a Pretty Frame

Country : East Africa Protectorat

Coin : 1 Pice

Size : 26 mm

Thickness : 1.7 mm

Used between : 1897-1899


  • East Africa Protectorate British 1 Pice 1897 to 1899

    Most of the states of the eastern region of Africa are now free independent nations i.e., Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Somalia. But, until recently, much of the region was under German and British rule. In 1895 a Protectorate was proclaimed over the territories controlled by the Imperial British East Africa Company. This company had issued rupees, 1/2 rupees and 1/2 annas from Mombasa from 1888. Under British administration bronze pice coins were struck at the Bombay Mint (dies were prepared in London) in 1897, 1898 and 1899. These were one hundredth of a silver rupee from British India.

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