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South Africa Orchid Flower

South Africa Orchid Flower


Design : Orchid Flower

Country : South Africa

Coin : 10 cents

Size  : 16 mm

Thickness : 1.6 mm

Chain Choice : Add a chain or a bracelet


  • Orchids are beautiful and delicate.They seem almost to be the anti flower with their geometric shapes the antithesis of the soft, rounded curves of more common flowers.It is this very unusual quality that makes them so exotic and desirable. Orchids have had a long history and have different meanings.
    Orchids are a long-lasting and particularly elegant type of flower, making them the perfect gift for many occasions.Their graceful appearance draws immediate attention, and their reputation as an exotic and unusual flower evokes a sense of refinement and innocence. With this special flower you can express your feelings towards someone, whether it be Thank You, Happy Anniversary, Congrats on Your Promotion, or anything in between.

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