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Canada 25 Cents Animal Caribou

Canada 25 Cents Animal Caribou


Design : Caribou

Country : Canada

Coin : 25 cents

  • Caribou and reindeer are the same species.They are the only deer whose males and females both have antlers. The antlers grow forward and the caribou use them in the winter to dig through snow for food. Some caribou migrate more than 4,828 kilometers (3,000 miles) per year. Their concave-shaped hooves are adapted for deep snow, holding the caribou up like snowshoes. In water, their hooves act as paddles. Caribou have been clocked running as fast as 80 kilometers (50 miles) per hour. A caribou sensing danger gives off a special scent that warns other caribou to keep their distance.Scientific Name LifespanRangifer tarandus caribou 7-15 yearsDietHerbivore. Lichens, plants, and grasses.Predators and ThreatsWolves, bears, golden eagles, lynx, wolverines, and humans.HabitatMature or old growth coniferous forests associated with bogs, lakes, and rivers; Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and Siberia. A small, endangered caribou herd exists in northern Idaho and north west Montana.


    Thanks for viewing this item !This is a cut coin pendant from "The Coins Shop" Collection.All our coins are cut by hand in our home workshop.My husband does all the cutting as he seems to be the patient one :)also because he really enjoys cutting.The rest is done by me.All the process is done by hand.It starts with polishing,designing,cutting by using a small jewelry saw and the final touches are done with a small file assuring a smooth finish.Each coin comes with a free handmade rope in different colours.The default colour is black.Let us know if you`d like a different one.You can have any coin customised so don`t hesitate to ask us to cut it in a different way even with your own design,name,initials,logo,symbol etc.Also if you`d like a bracelet,key chain,earrings or even a puzzle.If you`d like a bracelet or a key chain instead of a pendant and we keep the same design then price stays the same,you just need to let us know of your preference.If we change the design or we make a puzzle or earrings then the price will most possibly vary. We love doing custom work,because we know that everyone is unique and each time we do a personalised order we feel that we connect with the customers and they share with us a very special story.The feeling of knowing that you truly made someone happy is irreplaceable !This little coins keep so much history,art and big meanings in them.We add some creativity and hand craft and what an awesome piece of art you have!Such a great way this is to express your feelings about someone and show appreciation and care or even some self love too ;) Why not? Everyone deserves some love.And it seems to be the easiest way to find the right gift and to be sure the person will love it and will keep it with a warm feeling forever and beyond !

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