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Beaver with Maple Leafs Canada 5 Cents

Beaver with Maple Leafs Canada 5 Cents


Design : Beaver with Maple leaves

Country : Canada

Coin : 5 cents

Diameter : 21mm


This lovely 5 cents coin has the beaver and two maple leafs on the side which are the national symbol of Canada.

  • Beavers are known for their alarm signal: when startled or frightened, a swimming beaver will rapidly dive while forcefully slapping the water with its broad tail, audible over great distances above and below water. This serves as a warning to beavers in the area. Once a beaver has sounded the alarm, nearby beavers will dive and may not reemerge for some time. Beavers are slow on land, but are good swimmers, and can stay under water for as long as 15 minutes.

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