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Zanzibar-Scales with year

Zanzibar-Scales with year


Design : Scales with year in arabic

Country : Zanzibar the time of the Oman Empire more than 120 years ago

Coin : 1 Pysa

Diameter : 25 mm

Thickness : 1.5 mm

Year : The year may vary

Note : The year 1299 is from the islamic calendar and equals to 1882


  • This very special coin is more than 120 years old,it is called Pysa.It was a Zanzibari coin that was struck in AH1299 (1882) and AH1304 (1887)in the time of the Oman Empire.The obverses of these coins have a pair of scales. The AH1299 coin was struck at the Royal Belgian Mint, Brussels, Belgium while the AH1304 coin was struck at Heaton's Mint, Birmingham, England.
    These coins were commissioned by Sultan Barghash bin Said ibn Sultan who was, apparently and understandably, upset that his name was written incorrectly on the coins as "Sultan Said ibn Barghash ibn Sultan". It is accompanied by the expression "حفظه الله", "may Allah save him".
    These coins are used as medicine till nowadays since they are made out of red copper,which supports the immune system and cures skin irritations.Also there is a local believe that wearing a coin like this protects you from the evil spirit.

    For this cut coin pendant we have cut the scales and the year in the middle.

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