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Malawi African Fish Eagle two pieces from one coin small kwacha

Malawi African Fish Eagle two pieces from one coin small kwacha


Design : African Fish Eagle in two pieces,dangling

Country : Malawi

Coin : the new one kwacha coin

Around 1971 Malawi switched to decimal coinage, with 100 Tambala per Kwacha.

In 2012, the kwacha coin was changed to stainless steel and reduced in size. As of 2013, it is one of only three circulating coins (the others being the 5- and 10-kwacha).

Chain Choice : Choose in options

    • Just like the Osprey, the African Fish Eagle has barbs on its feet to help it hold on to slippery fish, its main prey.
    • The African Fish Eagle’s loud distinctive call is an iconic sound of Africa.
    • Scientific Name:

      Haliaeetus vocifer

      Population Status:

      Least Concern

      Body Length:

      25-30 inches


      6-8 feet


      4-8 pounds

    • As you would expect, the African Fish Eagle is generally found living next to bodies of water of almost any type and size. This beautiful bird of prey can be seen perched on trees or other prominent sites near ponds, estuaries, lakes, rivers, streams, coastal waters, and wetlands.
    • The stunning African Fish Eagle, with its milk-white head and tail, dark eyes, yellow cere, and chocolate brown back, has become synonymous with Africa’s inland waters, lakes, rivers and dams. In fact, its loud, piercing calls are a characteristic sound around African waterways. If you hear the call of the African Fish Eagle, you are likely to be in a relatively healthy environment.
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