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Coins are very strong and durable as they are made to last.

In the process of desinging and cutting we always make sure to keep enough solid part of the coin so that it can all stay strongly attached together as one.

Please do not try to bend the coin,use force upon it or clean it with a hard object or chemicals.

We offer free of charge polishing for all our customers.

In case you are not based in Zanzibar where our store is and you can`t send the coin for us to clean and polish it,

we advice you to go to any trusted local jewelry store and ask them to gently clean and polish it for you.


Coins are made from different materials.

Some don`t ever need polishing and always stay shiny no matter how long you wear them.

Others change with time as yellow and red copper for example.

They seem to loose their shine within a short period of time.

If you like the mat look this is a good choice for you.

If you live in Dubai the tap water will keep your copper jewellery shiny !

Hmmm... might not want to drink that water.



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