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PHOTOSHOOT & giveaway



This is a collaboration between models and photographers.

You don`t have to be a professional to participate.

We are coming with friends,cameras and some of our coin jewelry items,

join us and let`s have some fun doing this!

Unleash your creativity!

We are so excited to see what shots everyone will create!

NOTE: No payment is involved,which means that you don`t have to pay to take part

and also you will not get payed for doing so.

But there will be a GIVEAWAY at the end for the photo with most likes on Instagram.

Details below !

Enjoy the photoshoot and have fun sharing your experience and footage with your friends and followers.

WHY are doing this and why you should come too?

We love to share our passion and inspire others to do what they love.

It`s so great to see how you guys style your coin jewelry.

We want to see more of that!

Come and show us how you wear it.


Model or a friend who will pose



Coin jewelry by "The Coins Shop"


4th of August

4pm till sunset


In front of Africa House

We are going to gather in the garden and then move down to the beach.


To be featured on Instagram for the giveaway you will need to:

-post your photo in your field

-tag us on it and in the comments section as well

-make sure to follow us @thecoinsshop if you aren`t already

-use the hashtag #thecoinsshopgiveaway so we can see all the photos together

We will repost our favourites and tag you as well.

The photo with the most likes will win the giveaway.

So make sure you tell your friends to like your photo and follow us as well so that they see when we announce the winner !!!

We are giving away two cut coins - one for the model and one for the photographer of the winning photo.

You can choose any two coins from our store in Stone Town or online at with a total cost of 50$

We hope to see you there !

Much love,

The Coins Shop team

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